Unity Through Clothing
unity through clothing

Kohesion has been at the forefront of all trends since 2003. “Unity through clothing” is our motto; it exemplifies the vision we have for both our customers and employees. Our goal is to include all demographics within our merchandise, because all looks, styles, and fashions are beautiful!

The world of fashion is constantly changing. After listening to the industry and our loyal instagram followers, we have decided to launch our very own website so we can expand our customer base. Kohesion Clothing online will sell the same diversified selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories as our physical stores, but it won’t stop there.

Online you can find a wider price range, different occasion pieces, and garments exclusively sold online. As always, feel free to tag our clothing whenever and wherever you wear it. We love Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest tags. We want you to be involved in our growth as a company.

We thank you for your continuous support in our inline stores, as well as your help as we grow on the internet. Please contact us with any concerns or suggestions. You are what makes “Unity through clothing” exist!